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Sailing with our Catamaran ferry to Tioman & Langkawi, Malaysia would definitely an exciting sailing experience trip ever for you. Ever wonder why Catamaran ferry boat really is something out there for everybody? Read through this page at the top Catamaran ferry boat advantages over a conventional ferry boat and it will make your trip difference!

Advantages of Catamaran Over The Monohull Design


Greater Comfort and
Lesser Seasick

  Catamarans have a phenomenal stability. A catamaran is geometry-stabilized, that is, it derives its stability from its wide beam, rather than having a ballasted keel like a monohull. Catamaran is always much more stable than a monohull. This usually makes seasickness a non-event.

Stability is also a good factor for elderly people and/or first time sailors. Incidentally, it makes it somewhat safer for kids running around. As a matter of fact, a catamaran will give the latter an excellent impression for their first cruise, instead of memories of being seasick!

Stability at varying angles of heel

Catamaran Design Monohull Design

Closer to Shore

  Catamarans have shallow drafts hence our ferry boat able to enter into shallow water. This means Catamarans can get into places Monohulls vessel often cannot reach, and they can also anchor closer to shore.  

Sea View at All Time

  With the design of the oversized glass panel, passengers seated on the side can enjoy the wave rhythm and splashes of the sea water.


  Catamarans possess the ultimate safety factor at sea. One of the primary laws of physics is that “Everything in nature seeks its most stable position.” The most stable position for a Catamaran is indeed upside down on the top of the ocean. But the most stable position for a Monohull is at the bottom of the ocean. A well-built and properly designed Catamaran is very hard to sink.

The fact that well-designed and constructed cruising Catamarans are unsinkable makes them the safest platforms to cross oceans upon. Usually Catamarans’ higher average speeds, shallower draft will also provide you with an active safety margin, and their stable, non-heeling platforms, create a more secure operating environment.