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The design of the Catamaran - Twin hull, providing exceptional geometrical stability. Sculpts the air to the bottom structure, providing lift and reduces drag.

The entire structure, made from light weight marine grade Aluminium, is free of corrosion giving us minimum maintenance. With only half of the weight of any other ferry, allowing us to dock even during low seawater tide or level and with great fuel efficiency.

The Catamaran Design For Passenger Ferry

Cataferry provides Catamaran passenger vessel or ferry boat to let our passengers experienced a wonderful sailing trip to Tioman Island, Malaysia.
  Catamaran comes with two parallel hulls or floats, especially a light sailboat with a mast mounted on a transverse frame joining the hulls. The word Catamaran comes from the Tamil language, in which the word kattumaram means "logs bound together". The Catamaran was the invention of the paravas, a fishing community in the southern coast of Tamilnadu, India.

In later times, Catamarans have been used for fishing and transport in the coastal waters of New England and New York. Around the turn of the 19th century they were adapted for racing. Today the main use of the Catamaran is for day sailing and leisure cruises.A catamaran is geometry-stabilized, that is, it derives its stability from its wide beam, rather than having a ballasted keel like a Monohull. Being ballast-free and lighter than a Monohull, a catamaran can have a very shallow draught.
  The two hulls will be much finer than a Monohull, the reduced drag allowing faster speeds in some conditions, although the high wetted surface area is detrimental in lower wind speeds. 

A sailing multihull will heel much less than a sailing Monohull of the same length, so on a windward course its sails spill less wind and are more efficient. The limited heeling means the ride may be more comfortable for passengers and crew, although catamarans can exhibit an unsettling "hobby-horse" motion and have a violent unsettling diagonal pitching motion that is unpredictable and makes moving around hard in rougher conditions; the noise is also much more than a Monohull experiences.

Sailing with Catamaran is definitely another exciting experience that makes your wonderful trip perfect. However, if you still have not tried sailing a Catamaran but would like to, maybe Why Catamaran? can help you decide to charter a Catamaran to Tioman Island, Malaysia.

We understand your needs and expectation on the long planned vacation with your loved ones and would not let anything to get in between. Thus, our ferry had been specially design to suit your needs for your dream holiday.