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Guide for Tioman Divers

Tioman's beaches were depicted in the 1958 movie South Pacific as "Bali Hai". In the 1970s, Time magazine selected Tioman as one of the world’s most beautiful islands. The densely forested island is still sparsely inhabited. Also it is surrounded by numerous white coral reefs, making it a haven for scuba divers from around the region. Tioman Island is one of the most famous islands in Malaysia that is known for its good water sport such as scuba diving, island diving and deep water diving. Tioman Island offers very good diving opportunities with more than 25 dive sites. 

There are water resorts and scuba diving centers located in almost all parts of the island that guide and even take you deep in the water to experience nature close at hand. Mostly people take ferry rides to get to the island since, that the leisure activity gives tourists to take all the island has to offer slowly and capture a lot of pictures while you are at it. One of the best things related to Tioman Island, is cheap water diving license. It costs to only about RM 1000 and you can obtain a diving license which gives you an unlimited pass to dive in the waters of Tioman in various diving locations and experience the good marine life.

Diving Season @ Tioman

Tioman Island is a year round destination. However there are two distinct seasons.
  • Rainy season from Mid-November to Mid-February, Average temperature is around 32 Degrees.
  • Dry season from Mid-February to Mid-November, Average temperature is around 30 Degrees.
  • Peak Season occurs during Singaporean and Malaysia holidays in November and December and for Chinese New Year.

Scuba Diving Tioman is possible from February to November (Dry season).
  • Best visibility from March to May and from September to November( ranges from 15m to 30m)
  • Less good visibility from June to August (ranges from 8m to 12m)
  • February is the mating season of the reef cuttlefish, which no diver should miss.
  • Water temperature ranges from 27 to 29°C.

Scuba Diving Conditions

  • The conditions are usually very good with clear water.
  • Visibility from 10 to 30 meters depending on the season.
  • Current: gentle.
  • Water temperature is 28 °C all year round.

Safety Precautions

  • Watch out coral cuts: which are bacteria-laden and turn septic very quickly if not treated in good time. Bring sterile wound wash and antiseptic cream for coral cuts; wash and treat them immediately to avoid a nasty infection.
  • Watch out for the triggerfish: these little pointy-nosed fish are very cute but they do get territorial and attack swimmers during their mating season.
  • Buy travel insurance that covers “risky” activities (Diving, Trekking, Surfing, Snorkelling, etc.).