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Luggage Compartment

Overhead Luggage System

Most of our ferry seats above are fitted with an overhead luggage compartment. These give the passengers the advantages of:

  • Have instant access to your stuff – many times, you might find yourself looking for something that might be in your luggage (i.e. book, ipad, toiletries, anything).
  • No lost luggage – while queuing up during disembarking, you may fear that your luggage would have been stolen or mistakenly taken away.
  • No wasting time waiting for your luggage – After a long ride, who would want to spend an extra time waiting for luggage to unload. With a carry-on, you just pick it out of the overhead compartment and you’re on your way.
  • Agility and flexibility – Isn’t it nice to walk around freely without feeling like you have to hug your bag all the time or keep an eye open while you are sleeping.
  • Stack below other luggage – Nobody likes their luggage to be stack below on a pile of other luggage when you get on board first then others.