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Hotel Accomodation / Drop-off Point

  Salang Pier  Salang Huts  Salang Pusaka Resort  ABC Chalet & Restaurant  Tioman Restu Chalet  South Pacific Chalet
  Punuba Inn Resort Bamboo Hill Chalet
  Air Batang
  Tekek Pier  Carol Reef Tioman  Swiss Cottage Tioman  Babura Seaview Resort
  Berjaya Tioman Resort
Paya Pier Paya Beach Resort  Tioman Paya Resort
  Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort
  1515 Coconut Grove
  Genting Pier  Damai Tioman Resort  Marina Bay Resort  Sun Beach Resort  Impiana Inn
  JapaMala Resort
  Tunamaya Beach &
Spa Resort
  Minang Cove Resort

Drop Off Pier Directory


Salang Pier
  • Salang Indah Resort
  • Salang Pusaka Resort
  • Salang Mutiara Resort
  • Salang Driver
  • Salang Huts

Air Batang
  • South Pacific Chalets
  • National Dive League
  • Mokhtar's Place
  • Nazri's Place 2
  • Tioman Dive Resort
  • Tekek Pier
  • Eco- Divers
  • Ketapang Roof
  • A Peace Place
  • Sunset
  • Blue Heaven Divers
  • ABC Chalet And Restaurant

Tekek Pier
  • Bank
  • Tioman Cabana
  • Selesa Tioman Condotel
  • Berjaya Tioman Resort
  • Burger Dive Team
  • Swiss Cottage Tioman
  • Airport
  • Abect Aqua Dive Centre
  • Melina Beach Resort

Genting Pier
  • Sun Beach Resort
  • Idaman Beach Holiday
  • Bagus Place Retreat
  • Mukut Coral Resort
  • Beach Shack
  • Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort
  • JapaMala Resort by Samadhi
  • Aguna Resort
  • Bersatu Nipah Chalets
  • Minang Cove Resort
  • Juara Mutiara Resort
  • Tioman Nature
  • Amigo Dive Center Juara Tioman
  • Juara Turtle Project

Paya Pier
  • Sealantis Dive Centre
  • Paya Sea Sport Center
  • Burger Dive Team
  • Esmilksso Cafe
  • Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort
  • Paya Beach Resort
  • Tioman Paya Resort
*Above list is intended for informational purposes only, to have exact drop-off point, kindly contact with the hotel personnel for the exact drop-off pier.